Local audiology departments are able to provide a service of fitting custom made swim moulds which are a convenient way of keeping the ear dry. 
They are moulded to fit the exact shape of the individual ear and should be comfortable to wear and secure. In children over time with growth the moulds may no longer fit as snugly and similarly after surgery the shape of the ear canal may change. They are made of silicone which is naturally buoyant.  
There is a charge for this service as the mould taken is then sent ot a commercial company. This charge is £44 for a pair or £30 for single at Ropewalk House (part of Nottingham University Hospitals) and £25 each at King's Mill Hospital. 
If you wish to have swim moulds fitted at Ropewalk House (audiology department of QMC) you can phone directly to book an appointment on 0115 9194488, email audiology@nuh.nhs.uk and similarly at KMH on 01623622515 ext 3574 or email audiologyhearingaidrepairs@nhs.net 
Please note that payment is taken at time of mould impressions being taken by cash or cheque. at Ropewalk. At KMH you can pay by card, cash or cheque in the hospital. 
Prior to the appointment you should ensure that your ears are clear of wax. it is recommended you ask your GP to examine your ears and arrange wax removal if needed beforehand. 
When the moulds are taken these are sent away and the swim mould sent to you directly within approximately four weeks. It is often possible to obtain theses quicker in urgent circumstances.  
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