Nose bleeds (Epistaxis) 
In the case of any nose bleed simple first aid measures involve encouraging the individual to sit forward with pressure applied on the soft part of the nose consistently for 10 minutes to stop the bleeding.  
Repeated nose bleeds in children is common and rarely signifies any issue other that prominent blood vessels at the front of the septum- the partition that separates the two sides of the nose.  
If nose bleeds are repeated, in the first instance we recommend the use of bactroban cream. This is used four times a day for ten days. A small blob is placed on the tip of the finger and gently pushed into the opening of the nose. There is no need to try and push it far up the nose- simply place in the opening and give a gentle rub on the outside. Doing this for ten days will often cure the issue. If it does not then any prominent vessels at the front of the nose can be cauterised.  
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