Nasal Fracture 
Injury to the nose is common because of its prominent unprotected position. It can result it change in the shape of the nose and in blockage of the nose. 
If the appearance of the nose has changed as a result of an injury it may need to be reset. It can be difficult to tell however, as soon after the injury the nose will swell obscuring the shape of the structure of the nose. As the swelling subsides over the following days a proper assessment can be made 
Sometimes a swelling of the partition that separates the two sides of the nose can occur due to accumulation of blood- this needs to be drained to prevent permanent damage to the structure of the nose. 
Timing is crucial 
There is only a short time window to try and straighten the nose before the bones fuse in the changed position. After two- three weeks the bones will no longer be mobile. It is therefore important to assess the nose after the swelling has settled but before the bones are fixed.  
When the bones are stil mobile they can be moved back into their correct alignment or approximating this. It is a simple procedure under general or local anaesthetic. It is safe. The only issue is that it sometimes is not successful or only partially successful in restoring the appearance to that before the injury 
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