The leaflet copied with permission is produced by ENT UK for further information. 
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Management strategies seek to make tinnitus less noticeable and less annoying. Specialist tinnitus clinics are run by audiologists and your GP can refer you either directly in some hospitals or through referral to the ENT department in others. 
If tinnitus is on one side only you should seek referral to a specialist for further assessment. 
If the tinnitus is like hearing your heartbeat or is a clicking sound similarly you should seek referral to a specialist. 
Medication is currently limited to dealing with the effects of tinnitus on the individual rather than the tinnitus specifically. However, dealing with these effects can in itself make tinnitus more manageable and make strategies to combat the tinnitus more successful. The search for specific drug treatments continues and we are currently involved leading research into a class of drugs that may prove beneficial for some people. 
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